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Save More, Earn More as a LUX Affiliate

Join our designer led, collaborative community for trade discounts, dedicated support, exclusive events, and more.

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Thank you. Upon reviewing your application, we will reach out within 2 to 5 business days if the partnership is a good fit.
Note that not all candidates will be accepted.


Keeping Your Needs in Mind 

“The LUX affiliate program is one that has been developed with designer’s needs in mind. An affiliate will have support in a variety of areas, from sourcing furniture, finishings, trades, to hundreds of accessories to add the finishing touches to any room.” 

Katrina – Designer

A Comfortable Space for Everyone 

“We have several spaces available for client meetings, both open air and private conference rooms. LUX decor is not open to the public but as an affiliate you are welcome to bring your clients to our showroom to help them chose pieces for their project.” 

Samantha – LUX Affiliate Coordinator